I learn by teaching other people. If I can get enough of a grasp on a concept to be able to explain it to someone else, then I feel like I am starting to really understand it. That philosophy (and my love of typesetting) has led me to create various resources that might be useful for someone else. A brief description of these documents and their intended use is provided.

Two Page Math Notes

I have attempted to create bite-sized tutorials on various math concepts,  each two pages long. The first page contains an explanation and occasionally examples, and the second page contains problems of a varying degree of difficulty. If I do eventually provide solutions I will post them here as well.

Python Slides

I have created and delivered a workshop on Python and it’s usefulness in academics, especially for data visualization and analysis. The slides I used are attached, and examples can be accessed and used through DataJoy

Custom LaTeX Packages

All the tedious typesetting that I did for my physics assignments led me to create a simple LaTeX package which simplifies large equations down to single functions.