I am someone who refuses to be interested in just one thing, as you may have gathered already from the various contents of this website. For that reason, I have a number of interesting blogs and websites that I visit with regularity, and they are categorized and listed below.


Human Transit – The blog of Jerret Walker, a Portland-based public transit consultant. Provides interesting insights and sensible advice regarding public transit.

The Transport Politic – An opinionated and well researched transportation blog by Yonah Freemark.

Transit Agency Blogs

Calgary Transit – Calgary, Alberta, Canada’s transit agency.

Mathematics and Statistics

Nathaniel Johnston – A super high-level mathematics blog, essentially the musings of the great mind of Nathaniel Johnston of the Institute for Quantum Computing.

Alex Stringer’s Statistics Blog – A hard-hitting opinionated statistics blog intended to allow laymen and statistics students alike to question oft-misrepresented statistics facts and theorems.


xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

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