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Fare Enforcement and Risk Perception

In a previous post, I talked about transit fares, and how they emerge naturally from the transit system. A fare is only useful if people actually pay it, however, and that is the topic of this post. In Calgary, our C-Train (LRT) system is not directly enforced by gates or limited access points. In fact, part […]

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Sorting Out Highway Traffic

I’ve done a fair amount of driving around Canada. I’ve been across the country a few times, and I’ve done the drive here in Alberta from Calgary to Edmonton quite a few times. Since I am most often the driver these days, I get the wonderful combination of dealing with the sometimes crazy traffic, and developing […]

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Fare Aware

Note: This post is intended to get you and I thinking about transit fares and how changing them might affect a transit system. It steps a little bit into the absurd by exploring the extremes of different ideas, and is not indented as an educational post, but more as a “let’s do a thought experiment together” […]

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Failure Should Most Definitely Be An Option

Today I want to talk about something that people try to avoid, and why it needs to exist: failure I have been involved in improvised comedy for a number of years now, and of the many lessons it has taught me one stands out as the most important: you need to fail, and fail gracefully. Embracing […]

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Canoe Kingsmere

Give Me a Canoe and Let Me Go

I’m going to take a minute to discuss one of my favourite modes of transportation: the canoe. While the canoe may not be the subject of any of my research, or one of the factors in any of my mathematical equations, it’s still a very important method of transportation, and it formed the backbone of Canadian exploration […]

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Transit: The Great Compromise

I’m going to do something I haven’t done done in my writing since it became cliché in high school. I’m going to open with a quote. Nay, two quotes: A good compromise, a good piece of legislation, is like a good sentence; or a good piece of music. Everybody can recognize it. They say, “Huh. It […]

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On Vacation? Ride the Bus

TL:DR; When I’m on vacation, I like to get to truly get to know where I am, in many aspects of the word. The best way to do this? Take the bus. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of supposedly compelling reasons for public transit; why we should all use it, why it’s an important part […]

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