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The Calgary pedestrian experience

Last weekend, I had the chance to be part of the planning process for the Southwest Transitway that is part of the larger expansion of the city’s primary transit network. The meeting was full of great input from community advocates who know their neighbourhoods like the back of their hand, and I learned a lot […]

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SoBi: Hamilton’s route to bike share success

This post originally appeared on Spur. By simple virtue of there being may cities in the world, most innovative transportation and urban planning ideas will not be new to Calgary. We can, and we should, learn from other cities around the world. While it is easy to insist that “Calgary is not Amsterdam”, or “Calgary […]

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What do “Beg Buttons” really represent?

This post originally appeared on Spur. When I watched the American presidential “debate” last Monday, I was not expecting anything from that spectacle to tie into an article on pedestrian crossings, but here it is. For me, the most poignant thing I heard in that debate was during the discussion on racial issues. Clinton said, […]

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Can roads be over-engineered?

This post originally appeared on Spur. Nobody likes a speeding ticket, but “speed traps” might be an indicator of a larger design problem. I’m sure many Calgarians can identify places in the city where the police like to set up and catch speeders. For me, Memorial Drive Westbound near 14 St. NW (by the CBC building) and John […]

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Calgary’s hidden desire lines

This post originally appeared on Spur. There’s a wonderful urban planning principle that what we build for, we will get. The idea is if we build for cars and traffic, we will get cars and traffic. If we build for people, we will get people. The problem is that it’s sometimes difficult to figure out what exactly “building for people” looks like. […]

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Canoe Kingsmere

Give Me a Canoe and Let Me Go

I’m going to take a minute to discuss one of my favourite modes of transportation: the canoe. While the canoe may not be the subject of any of my research, or one of the factors in any of my mathematical equations, it’s still a very important method of transportation, and it formed the backbone of Canadian exploration […]

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Pedestrian is King!

I think it’s time I did a post on pedestrians. I consider walking the “fundamental unit of transportation” for human beings; no matter what other mode of transportation we use, it almost always involves some amount of walking. We have been walking for thousands of years, and despite what Disney/Pixar might think, I don’t think we’re […]

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