Yearly Archives: 2014

Got data? Python and SQLite Can Help

Note: This post continues on with context established in a previous post, which can be found here. The TL;DR result of that post is that I am now able to scrape real-time transit data from Calgary Transit’s website. Working in an academic setting, I am exposed to a large amount of data. More to the […]

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48 Hours

I’ve never been one to push a deadline. I’m usually the one to finish a project, assignment, or paper ahead of time. I work quickly and love the feeling of being finished with time to spare. Sometimes, though, that’s not possible. I had mentioned in passing to my supervisor that I would love it if […]

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Simple Transit Reliability Tracking with Python

A Rainy Day Project Inspired by this video¬†on learning python via public data hacking, I decided to create a simple data access program in order to periodically check up on the reliability of a transit system. It just so happened that around the same time, Calgary Transit released their new website¬†which provides GPS powered real-time […]

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